07 April 2012

Look, I Have a Quad!

I treated the past two days like a vacation. That means I played ME3 every damn minute. Did I shower? Nope. Did I brush my teeth? Uh, can't remember. Peed? Well duh of course! My point is, I was a filthy pig the past two days. It's insane really. I was wearing this big shirt with nutella stains (yes you read that right, NUTELLA bitchiz) and my hair was in a huge clamp that looked like a goddamn Reaper. (HAH!) I can't even begin to imagine what I smelled like.

I sincerely apologize for using TBBT as a peg. Too lazy to google photos.

It was only last night that it fully dawned on me how much of a pig I was. So I finally decided to take a proper bath. And this morning I went out, had my nails done and bought some girl stuff that I've been meaning to buy. Going out meant that I had to dress properly and wear a little blush on my face. Words cannot describe how good it felt to actually fix yourself up after two days of pigging out. haha.

I passed by this stall that sold those sponge curler things. I have always been intrigued by them.

They look like macarons. Mmmm... macarons.

I didn't choose the strawberry variant because I don't like strawberries, not even as a hair sponge curler thingy. besides, I like the color yellow.

So I tried it out and immediately regretted my decision to buy just one pack. My long, thick hair prolly needs three packs of this shit. Oh well. I'll buy another set tomorrow. For now I'm testing it out. And hey look. I got a quad on my head. (LOLOLOLOL)

Everybody knows Krogan have four!

Jiggly sponge balls on my head!

Anyway so yeah I'm giving it a shot for the lulz. Not sure how my hair will look like afterwards but at least I can rest easy knowing that once in my life, I had balls dangling around my head.


Hahahaha it looks like several pacmen are eating your hair! =))

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