24 March 2012

A Just Because Surprise for the Boyfriend

I ordered the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition from Amazon through a coworker early February. It was after I called Datablitz and asked if they were going to sell ME3 CEs and all I got were, "I'm sorry but we're not sure" I hate that. How can you not be sure? It was FEBRUARY and the game was set to come out early March. Seriously. God.

But! The package from Amazon got delayed. *Vader Noooooo* And then! Like 5 days before the release of the game, Datablitz was suddenly all, oh we're going to sell CEs now. Not cool, man. OTL

I can still turn this thing around.

So I thought of a plan. Yesterday, I called every Datablitz branch in the metro to ask if they had any CEs left. I thought of buying another CE so I can give it to the boyfriend before Spoiler Town gets too big and ruins the ending for him.

I was turned down by 5 branches until I called the Powerplant Mall branch where they told me that they had a copy left. Powerplant always seem to never run out of stock of anything or maybe people just don't go there very often.

After work, I ventured to Makati (I hate going to Makati) and headed straight to Datablitz. I told the boyfriend that I was going to have to work overtime. Felt bad fibbing but I really wanted to surprise him.

As I was paying for it, an idea came to mind: I'm going to layer this surprise!

You see, Obie and I, we're big fans of The Sandman and Death is his favorite Endless. For his first tattoo, he's going to get this really long quote from Death. He's a complete fanboy and has already 1 of 2 Death books. The other Death book is a bit tough to find. Well, in general, Death books are tough to find.

I figured, with my luck now, maybe I can find a copy of Death: The High Cost of Living. No such luck in Fully Booked. In National Bookstore however... I found 1 opened copy. The ONLY copy they have. I bought it. Naturally.

So here's the plan:

Step 1: Box - surprise the boyfriend with a surprise. A sudden, "Hey! Wait, I have something for you!" I think at first, he's going to think that inside this is the N7.

Step 2: Obie's Favorite Death Quote. I will have him read through the quote as if it's a riddle. He must guess what is inside. By this time, he's thinking oh wait, it's not the N7, it's a Sandman book!

Step 3: Death: The High Cost of Living. He sees that it is, predictably, this hard to find Death book. Yay surprise!!

Step 4: Ask him to pick the book up to see...

Step 5: There actually IS the N7 underneath!

I seldom pull off surprises so when I actually managed to NOT screw this one up, I'm a pleased little kitty. His happy, smiling face is worth everything.


Waah! Ang galing! Kinikilig si Obie oh! Hangkyot! Look at that face! =)

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