21 January 2012

My Hair is now Red

I finally did it. After contemplating for so long about either getting my hair permed or colored, I settled for the latter. My hair is naturally wavy anyway and on good days, it's even bouncy-curly.

A LOT of research and blog hopping has led me to Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon (Glorietta 5).  It's a reeeally snazzy place. A bit small but the walls and the mirrors look really cute.

I picked a color, a REALLY bright red. And then Carlo, my stylist for that day said, "Are you sure? For that color to show up we would need to bleach--" then I immediately said, "Yes. Do it. Just to get that color, do itttt~"

So they bleached my hair, I had to stay in the sink for what seems like forever.

Lourd Ramos passed by a couple of times to check up on my hair and I could hear him give instructions. He would look at me and tell me eagerly that my hair is going to be a bold shade of red. He's so warm and friendly!

Here's how it looked like after the bleaching, when I got back to my seat:

Pretty wall pattern and mirror frame.

When I saw my bleached hair I was like, hey, maybe I can go blonde next time.

It was a long and laborious process of bleaching. My nape was already in a bit of agony because of being on the sink for too long. Carlo and Leonard did their best to keep my spirits up by cracking jokes. Haha.

The bleaching process itself however, is generally okay. I've been told that I may be bothered by the heat, and the itching of the scalp and even feel bad burning sensations but I guess I have a pretty high pain tolerance level so everything was just peachy keen. Nothing bothered me so much.

After they set in the dye, I waited while reading about Jon Favreau and the series of failed marriages in the Grimaldi family.

When everything is finally done, here's how my hair looked like:

I am in-love wif my lipstick. aha aha aha

My boyfriend's first words when he saw me, "It's so... BRIGHT!" 

The boyfriend liked it! Don't believe that photo. He was super into it and he kept looking at me and smiling. And yes, the pictures don't translate it well but it really is BRIGHT under the sun. Like really, really bright. Add the fact that my hair is super long, it just pops. I like it! It's a bit more understated in normal lighting and that's good too.

Caught in the middle of pushing my glasses up.

Side Story: I was seated beside a pretty girl at the salon, apparently she's one of Lourd's regular clients. She looked at me, smiled a big smile and said, "I like your tattoo!" Haha. Oh Neil Gaiman, you amaze people EVERYWHERE. :) I thanked her and proceeded to go about my business. And then she interrupted me again, and said, "Hey, I'm sorry but can I take a photo of your tattoo?" haha

You know the best part about this trip to Creations Salon? I just spent around P3700! That's hella cheap compared to other salons and considering my hair is a bit past boob-length already, not to mention it's incredibly thick. The service is just super fast and efficient. They're very polite and friendly.

I love how they achieved the hair color that I want so much but I'm now thinking of what color to get next. I really like this in-your-face red but I sorta also want something else. Hoho. Here it comes, the obsession.

Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon
3rd Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center
8467867 / creationslr@gmail.com


Love it!!!!! :D Two thumbs up!

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