02 January 2012

The Desire to be Desired

My love for The Sandman is no secret. I love it so much, I had words from one of its stories permanently inked on my body.

Endless Nights is not part of the 'official' ten volumes but you must read it if you want to get better perspective on The Endless.

I prefer to read Endless Nights after I have read all of the volumes since I love that AHA! moment one gets when you read some new secret info about characters you've already met.

One of my consistently liked characters is Desire.

Yep, that's about right.

In Endless Nights, "What I've Tasted of Desire" is one of my favorites because I love stories that champion the cunning of human beings and our ability to get out of sticky situations. Especially when one does it with well-placed words and a subtle fluttering of eyelashes.

In this story, we see Desire in its full glory. We see how we can manipulate it and how it manipulates us. We all have heard the comparison between desire and flames before: Just enough will give you warmth and protection, a little bit too much and it can easily scorch your flesh and consume your soul.

Kara (the woman in the image) found herself in a situation wherein she was outnumbered by men who all have the capacity to kill her and rape her.

If Kara had not been careful enough, these men would have easily ganged up on her and feasted upon her. But you see, there are different facets to desire which Neil Gaiman has so masterfully showed us.

One of these is the desire to be desired.

This pretty much explains EVERYTHING. :)

It is this kind of desire that protected Kara and eventually led to the deaths of her enemies. So powerful, no? (Please read the book :D)

It's a simple concept, the type we have lying around in our subconscious somewhere. But like always, Neil Gaiman taps into our subconscious, yanks the concept out and places it gently on our hands.

Do you?

Perhaps this is why Desire is so annoyed at Dream all the time. Desire thrives on the want, while Dream technically gives it. Or at least, gives the illusion of it, which is good enough for most of us.

Now I leave you with one of my most favorite Desire quotes:

“Most people want things like a candle-flame, flickering, shifting. You, on the other hand want like a forest fire."

Good Evening!


And Milo Manara was the PERFECT artist to get for this story. <3

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