Skyrim Golden Moments

It's been a long time coming. I can't believe it took me almost a month to actually post anything about Skyrim. It has sucked my soul hard enough, you see. So before I change my mind and go back to playing Skyrim, let me post some screenshots.

Dragon Age 2 Rogue Build

My boyfriends dude friends have been asking me for Dragon Age 2 advice. I have little love for DA2 as compared to its giant predecessor Dragon Age Origins but I have finished the game a couple of times to be of help to them. Maybe I can be of help to you too.

Finally, Uncharted 3

When I got to look at the trailers before, my first thought was "Wow, did Nate gain weight?" He looked especially chubby around the cheeks. What? Yes yes, it's me being a girl but it looked weird for me okay? .

10 Things I Like About Mass Effect 3

Just to get it out of the way, yes yes I was not satisfied with the ending either. This is coming from a girl who is usually forgiving when it comes to writers and their shortcomings.

31 December 2011

Wishes On A Night Like This

I was never really good with goodbyes, I think most people are too. So I will not say goodbye to this year, as one would normally do.

I'm rather good with "hello's" though and "nice to meet you's" and "how do you do's".

So what does one like me do, on a night like this? Wishes would be most appropriate, I would think.

I wish for love. For all of us. That we may feel it, that we may treasure it, that we may realize its goodness. I wish for the healing of heartaches and for the mending of persistent wounds.

I wish for kisses, those shared under the night sky and those shared in secret. I wish for that heart-stopping moment when one tells you that he is yours.

I wish for laughter, that we may always share it as well as have it inside our hearts. I wish for those moments that we could surrender everything to laughter. Do you remember those?

I wish for dreams, that we may never run out of them, that we may always see them and never let them out of our sight. Both the dreams we see with our eyes closed and those we see with our eyes wide open.

I wish for sunny days spent outside and rainy days spent at home.

I wish for conversations, for they give us the opportunity to stand up to what we believe in. I wish for conversations that inspire minds, that ignite feelings, that stir hidden emotions.

Most of all, I wish for happiness. Don't we all? May we, in our search for it, not hurt other people to find it. May we find happiness in being where we are and being who we are. May we learn to be happy and realize that happiness is not something that happens to you. That it is something we find, something we take, something we fight for.

Hello New Year. I think I'm ready for you. No, wait. Obie and I are ready for you. :) Because Last Last Year has given him to me and now I am not alone to face you and neither will he be alone to face you. Let's do this, New Year.

30 December 2011

Skyrim Golden Moments

It's been a long time coming. I can't believe it took me almost a month to actually post anything about Skyrim. It has sucked my soul hard enough, you see.

So before I change my mind and go back to playing Skyrim, let me post some screenshots.

First: this thing with size. 

I was looking at the pie the whole time.

Woah Susanna!
Would you like to Talk to Susanna's boobs?

Second: this thing with horses.

Ladies, meet Spider Horse.

Don't you just love the jump/mountain scaling glitch?

Woah, hello!
I've always wondered what happens to you and your companion when you "fast travel." Like, did you and your companion fight? Did your horse throw you off? When you fast travel you just get to see what happens after. This is one of those moments. I was greeted by Shadowmere's magnificent ass. Make of that what you will.

Third: what wonderful ways to die.

You never forget your first decapitating blow
The first real challenge I faced in the game were the Glenmoril Witches. I was still super green and their destruction spells SLAY me. When this happened, you can bet your ass I pumped my fists in the air yelling YEAH! YEAH! BITCH!

oh god oh god oh god
When I'm slaying a dragon, my full focus is on the legendary beast. I had no idea this woman was around. So when the dust cleared, I saw her dead. I got the key to her house without breaking the law. Everyone wins.

I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, can't prove anything.
Look at this piece of work. I don't even know how she was able to use her right hand to strike her long sword through her own RIGHT shoulder. Talent!

Who wants to Search Margaret?
This happened in Markarth. When that dude creeped up behind her and suddenly stabbed her in broad daylight. Hm, I'm thinking of writing a separate post for that because that was pretty emotional for me. If you're wondering why she's naked in this photo, well... I guess someone took all of her stuff after she's dead.

Lastly... my most important kill:

A dagger and a sword, because I lack finesse.
This is actually pretty sad. You'd think that a person of such high esteem and importance will die a little bit more elegantly. Don't blame me, he posed like that right after I stuck my dagger and blade in his throat.

18 December 2011

Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

I love games wherein I play myself (hrhr). Everything is just more personal if you play the Nameless Hero. It's easy to just jump into the protagonist's shoes and immerse your whole soul into the game.

That's what I love about BioWare/Bethesda games; you are given the liberty to make the game truly your own. This is also the reason why Dragon Age Origins was such a hit for me.

So now, it's only fitting that my Saddest Game Scene involves myself. 

And because I'm a girl this will be incredibly cheesy. Brace yourselves. Also, spoilers if you haven't played the game yet.

Context: I didn't let Morrigan have her demon baby with Alistair's seed so one of us has to die in order to defeat the Archdemon.

Alistair stops me from taking the final blow to the Archdemon
I tried convincing him that Ferelden needs a King etc etc. Then he says something like it's his first and final act as a King. Then when I said something like, "But what about me?" THAT's what he replied, "I know how I feel about you. I won't let you die, not when I can do something about it."

I replied with, "WAIT! THIS IS CRAZY!"

Then he looks at me, moves closer and says:

Sanest thing I've ever done. *kiss*

I cried buckets.

WHAT? I was deeply touched and moved and the love of my life is going to die for me okay! *sadface*

I will not be judged! 

13 December 2011

On Costumes and Wigs

Parties are for dressing up. I love dressing up. So when someone gives a theme for a party, I really enjoy it. This year's office christmas party was themed Rockstar Wannabe. I used Courtney Love as a peg but I obviously don't have blonde hair so I tried looking for close wig dupes.

I didn't have many choices in such short notice, so here's what I ended up with:

Bacon Strip says hello

The wig felt surprisingly real. I honestly think I can wear this outside and fool people into believing that it's my real hair. Catwalk Cosmetics have super nice affordable wigs that most of their stuff is nearing out of stock already. If you want to invest on a good wig, buy from her!

My costume was fairly simple. I only had to look for a babydoll dress, stockings and a leather jacket though Courtney Love doesn't really wear leather jackets, I just thought that I might look too much of a little girl if I don't. :))

Dragon Age Origins and Dead Island photo-bombing
Little secret: my biggest frustration ever is cosplaying. Haha. I really, really want to do it once before I die. But I always seem to need to a.) lose more weight b.) find a seamstress. I always fail to do both so I never got around to doing it.

If given the chance?

I'd totally cosplay Zatanna.


Image from here:

Who do you want to dress up as?

12 December 2011

Being a Girl

No, not a girl gamer, just a girl. Like Yukino Miyazawa from Kare Kano, outside I look generally okay but when I'm at home, say playing Skyrim, oh boy... nobody would want to see that.

I let myself go at home, stuff my face with junk food while pants-less, and hammer away on my PS3 forgetting to take a bath. In an interview with the Back2Gaming boss, I shamefully admit the number of days I didn't take a bath for gaming.

I want to keep my geeky boyfriend interested in me even though he could see how much of a pig I am at home so like that Sara Bareilles song, I try to wear a little blush on my face.

OR a garter-like thing on my head.

Seriously though, I don't get the stereotype that just because you love *insert geekery of choice*, you no longer take care of how you look like.

I also don't get the stereotype that just because a girl puts on a little make-up, it means that she's no longer passionate about games. She becomes an airhead who, because she knows how to put on eyeliner, obviously plays nothing but casual Facebook games.

It's the ultimate character customization!

If you put eyeshadow and lipgloss on your Femshep, why not your own face?

Right? Right? Femshep has party make-up on. LOL.